Cars & Motorcycles:

  • No Burnouts
  • No Loud Music 
  • No Speeding (speed limit is 5mph around people and cars, 10mph everywhere else)
  • No Excessive Engine Revving – we know everyone enjoys those exhaust tones, but please keep it to a minimum as far as volume and duration

People, Pets, & Items:

  • Social Distance When Possible
  • No Alcohol or Illegal Substances
  • Pedestrians must yield to travel lanes
  • Pets must be leashed, and cleaned up after
  • Children 12 and under must be adult supervised
  • Only Licensed & Insured Drivers may drive on the property
  • Smokers must obey ORC and stay away from building entrances, and dispose of cigarette butts properly
  • No Littering – dispose of trash properly
  • Respect others’ property & vehicles – be cautious of parking proximity, opening doors, etc. DON’T TOUCH OTHER PEOPLES CARS
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, and other personal transportation must be kept at least 5 feet away from cars
  • Be Respectful – remember the common interest that brings us all together, everyone still has his or her individual tastes and style
  • This Property is Under Surveillance – by entering you consent to being videotaped and/or photographed
  • NOTE by reading these rules/entering the premises you agree to indemnify and hold harmless event organizers and property owners from any liability

******A single violation of any rules may be grounds for permanent banning and removal from the premises at the sole discretion of NEOCC organizers. Don't Be That Guy/GIRL******


Can I hand out flyers for another car show, event, fundraiser, etc.?

  • Passing out flyers is NOT permitted at NEOCC events.
  • Placing flyers in or on vehicles is NOT permitted.

Can I advertise or set up a tent/booth/table for my business, club, product, etc.?

  • Sorry, only approved sponsors/partners of NEOCC may set up and display information.
  • All vendors must have a formal corporate relationship in place with Northeast Ohio Cars and Coffee, LLC; for more information please contact 
  • Any vendors that setup a display without prior permission will be asked to leave the event.

Can I save parking spaces for someone else or others in my group/club?

  • Reserving parking spaces is NOT permitted.
  • Parking is on a first come first serve basis, (Unless approved by NEOCC) and unfortunately reserving spaces for others is not permitted due to the size of these shows, as the lot does fill to capacity at most events.
  • We encourage you to arrive when the event starts, and groups who arrive together are generally able to park together in the same area.
  • If your club or group wants to park together, plan to meet up somewhere nearby before the start of the show and coordinate arriving together.

Will you donate to my charity/cause or can I set up a table/booth to collect donations at a NEOCC event?

  • While there are many worthy causes, we are unable to support each opportunity that is presented to us. However, there are certain events that are charity based and if you charity would like to be the theme you can contact us to discuss it.

Can you share something on your Facebook page or event for me?

  • We are approached with requests every week to share/publicize other events, causes and businesses.  While there are many noble causes that exist, it is simply not feasible for us to share these without overwhelming NEOCC fans with unsolicited material and detracting from our core mission of automotive fun.  As a result we are generally unable to publicize third party materials unless they are part of a formal corporate partner relationship that is helping to make NEOCC events possible.